Woodlands: Forbidden Lands (Shadow of the Colossus)

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What’s your first thought upon seeing a sign with the warning Trespassers Will Be Decimated? If your answer involves any variation of “Challenge Accepted,” add The Forbidden Lands to your bucket list today. The cartographers at Neutral Ground have painstakingly recreated the territory’s deserts, forests, and swamps so you can brave the unknown confidently whether on foot, on horseback, or astride a colossal hawk.

While the destruction of The Forbidden Lands’ legendary bridge hasn’t deterred extreme travelers, it’s made passage to The Shrine of Worship, the realm’s most popular tourist trap, more challenging to undertake. Of course, for the high-spirited wanderer, more challenging is the key element of a successful vacation, and The Forbidden Lands promise nothing if not more challenges.

Serious cryptologists such as the renowned Giantology blogger Eric Belson as well as amateur archaeologists will be blown away by the opportunities to explore ancient ruins and the remains of notorious beasts such as the cave-dwelling Dirge and the nearly inaccessible Malus. In fact, many of Neutral Ground’s most avid travelers-in-arms report that it’s The Forbidden Lands’ harrowing cliff paths and cavernous colossi lairs that inspired their passion for adventure tourism, and we’ve laid them all bare in our highly accurate map of the terrain.

This Woodlands map was created in collaboration with Chicago’s Dylan Wells, a cartographer committed to uncovering heretofore unimagined travel destinations.

Maps are etched on wood harvested from the Autumn Forest using our own proprietary version of the “Ancient Sword” and measure 18-1/2" wide by 14" tall.

Includes a keyhole slot on the rear for hanging.

Dylan Wells HeadshotDylan Wells is a freelance graphic designer from Chicago.

Specializing in branding and illustration, video games are equally a hobby and a source of inspiration for him. Other activities he enjoys include biking, kayaking, and hiking whenever time and weather permits. Prior to designing, he worked as a Mountain Ranger in New Mexico. He’s watched Inception more times than anyone should be comfortable admitting. He believes that one of the most fulfilling things about being a designer is making things that other people can see a bit of themselves in.