Woodlands: Tristram (Diablo)

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The land of Khanduras boasts a healthy economy based on extreme tourism, and the ruins of the desecrated Tristam Cathedral are the highlight of every serious adventurer’s travel plans. Built over the labyrinthine burial ground of Diablo, Lord of Terror, the former monastery sits at the center of the desolate village of Tristam, former capital of Khanduras.

Whether you’re a Paladin seeking glory, a Desert Mercenary pursuing gold, or a lesser demon looking to gorge yourself on the souls of the innocent in the name of Diablo, Tristam really does have something for every rogue traveler. Take a lonely evening walk through the catacombs or get your kicks tipping the village’s famous cows. We’re not here to judge, just to help you get where you’re going.

Our custom-crafted map of Tristam provides insightful guidance through the properties, paths, and portals of Tristam. Amazons and Barbarians agree that it’s a must-have on any rogue expedition’s supply list.

This Woodlands map is a collaboration with Alex Griendling, Lord of Graphic Design.

Maps are etched on maple ply with technologically-harnessed hellfire and contain the souls of Lesser Evils. Because each map is unique, we can offer no guarantees regarding the degree or kind of evil found within. They measure 18-1/2" wide by 14" tall and can be handily employed as a tombstone in the event of the travelers’ ultimate demise.

Includes a keyhole slot on the rear for hanging..

Alex Griendling is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator who grew up in the geographically midwestern, culturally southern, state of Kentucky. After graduating, he left his home state to make movie posters in LA, ad campaigns in Minneapolis, and to work for Google in NorCal.

He likes to create work that makes people smile, and thinks that a lot of creative types are probably a little too stuffy for their own good. Somehow, he has more southern mannerisms now than when he left the south six years ago.

Alex now lives in Minneapolis with his lovely wife Meagan and their two not-so-lovely cats, Batman and Rocko.