LA Boot

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We’ve lost a Delaware worth of Louisiana in the last 100 years, and another football field slips away every hour. Natural erosion, canals dredged for oil and gas pipelines and the forced containment of the Mississippi River have depleted the wetlands and left them vulnerable to the encroaching salt water from the Gulf. The wetlands coastal Louisiana relies on for storm protection are disappearing, opening up inhabited lands to higher flood levels.

The boots are cut from a single piece of reclaimed sinker cypress, taken back from the bottom of the mighty Mississippi River. They measure roughly 10" wide by 10" tall and are approximately 3/8" thick. They 
Include a sawtooth on the rear for easy hanging.

25% of proceeds are donated to the Gulf Restoration Network to help fund their efforts.
The Gulf Restoration Network is a 20 year old organization that pursues priority issues affecting the entire Gulf region, including water pollution, wetlands loss, oil and gas accountability, and threats to the marine ecosystem. GRN works to protect and restore Louisiana's wetlands for the wildlife, culture and communities of the Gulf.