Woodblock Heroes: Bill Murray

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Time traveler. Ghost hunter. Zombie apocalypse survivalist. Bill Murray. All around cool guy. You can experience the Murricane ad infinitum when you purchase Neutral Ground’s Woodblock Hero homage to the star of Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters, and of course, Garfield.

The Woodblock Heroes series of laser-etched woodblocks is a tribute to our favorite people, both real and fictional. They are a collaboration with Burton Durand, Art Director and Illustrator in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The pieces are etched on beautiful cuts of hand-selected maple ply that measure 10" wide by 10" tall.

Includes keyhole slots on the rear for hanging.

Burton Headshot Burton Durand is an Art Director and Illustrator in Lafayette, Louisiana. His work has appeared in many places, from handmade zines to PRINT magazine. Aside from drawing, he also plays music, reads excessive amounts of books, cooks, and games.

He also draws horse_eComics!