Starter Pokémon Pin

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Professor Oak could really, really, use a break. Use this badge to gain entry to his lab and help him take a load off.


  • Raised high polished gold metal
  • Die struck hard-enamel
  • Rubber clutch
  • 1.5” in diameter

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Our Starter Pokémon Pin is a collaboration with Dallas’ Legendary-Type Designer Daniel Mackey.

Daniel Mackey is a freelance illustrator and hand letterer residing just outside of Dallas, Texas. Originally illustrating for his own entertainment, eventually turned into a full time endeavor of creating gaming artwork as well as producing logos and packaging for independent companies. Having grown up fascinated with all things Nintendo played a big role in pursuing what he is doing today with art. When he's not stuck behind a computer screen, he's on tour playing in a band known as Rival Choir, playing Smash Bros, collecting toys and comics, drinking coffee or watching Netflix with his girlfriend and dog.